Belize, the journey has really started

(Text is translated using, so it might have some funny weird translations, but you’ll get the idea of it)

We write this from Orange Walk, Belize. Our travel has now therefore really started. After relaxing on Bounty island we have left direction belize. Firstly still in Mexico in Chetzumal a good Maya museum visited. Afterwards the border concerning and in Corozal spends the night. And you are also immediately real in a another country. There is spoken English, and see houses and population complete differently than in Mexico. The houses are, if does not devastate by hurricane violence, of wood and stand on piles. People are a mixture of Creoleren (long and complete obscurity), Maya (small and brown) and Mennonieten (long and roze). The mennonieten to find we here total is not appropriate, you see also that they do not mix really and draw have inteelt. Continued after Corozal to Orange Walk, where we sit now therefore.

Waling in the rain and biking through the mosquitos
We wanted visit Cerros from Corozal the Maya site. In belize supplies have been however well regulated not almost
elsewhere, therefore there to come a complete toer was. We firstly thought of going with the bus, but went that just for 11.00. To run was option also no, it was something too far. The boat went in former days, however, but now no longer. Our hosteleigenaar Antony knew however still someone in Cottonbank, near at Cerros. He him bels, and then he would help us, however, further. Antony themselves brought us at the vat, as from there we had hitch hike but. The pontje were such an idyllic handbediende vat concerning a
beautiful jungle riviertje, exactly real! The car which stood also on the vat did not go to Cottonbank, but could turn off us on the junction. What a genot moreover to contradict the language of the country, this us in other Central American countries easily had not this way
descended! As from the junction were it then 3 miles run. We found no problem. Not counted however on rain. Firstly softly, then harder, and still harder. Bas saw nicely!!! Eelco also, without shirt. The way was nicely blubberig and we found actual best funnily…..

IM004117_Eelco_op_de_fietsAfter an hour to walk arrived we at ‘ charge Resort ‘. But there only the cook was present. The owner would come over 2 hours. We have therefore but what waited, cup coffee, cup tea, and spulletjes dried. For 12.00 indeed someone came, the woman of the owner. Those came with a good idea, because they had bicycles hiring. And after a lunch we cycled nicely straight through the oerwoud to
Cerros. Cerros were in fact complete beautiful. But that could not see you, because that they had buried netjs because it goes differently
erroderen. Nevertheless nice to know what lies there under mud, but for our less nicely to see. We were moreover glad with the bicycles, because the site suffocated of the mosquitos. A seconde to stand still and sat there already 4 on your arm. TO IM004114_Bas_op_de_fiets_door_de_jungle_bij_CopperbankKEEP ON DRIVING THEREFORE!!! This way we were therefore in no-time by the site gone, and on gone towards charge Resort. There arrived we saw a school bus standing. Rapidly asked where ie naartoeging… to Corazal! And when? Over 5 minutes. And….can we can? There a vague answer rose, thus we thought that pay, however, would help. But on the question if we had pay response also little came. Rapidly the bicycles brought back so that we just as later with the
half village, without children, in the school bus sat. A perfect connection which turned off our haste for the door.

This way travel is, however, what tiring, but quite nice. We are very glad that we totally no time limit and that we have been
possible do this therefore.

IM004183_Janes_hostelHostel Jane’s in Orange Walk
The hostel where we sit now are, however, a belevenis. A splendid nicely old houten carribisch house…. it must be ever is! Now it has been classified in small boxes with thin triplex
partitions. For he the that film ‘ The Beach ‘ knows di Caprio: with Leonardo such a box therefore, where on top of the partitions stop and mosquito gauze starts. Therefore if you neighbour man comes home in the middle of in the
night and the TL to do, see you that right. And it is very gehorig, and they love here, however, a drink, therefore little sleeps here. The wc-bril has break, the douchgordijn hang on half 11, by the floorfloor floor gone look at you this way nasty, and from our bed look at you by the breaches to the attic. The bed stood what, therefore we are but the other way around will lie, but as a result you blow haste from your bed by the aerator, that with regard to temperature not necessary is, but because of the mosquitos! And we NEVERTHELESS continue hang here still just as, because it has absolutely his charm and the owner couple are very
pleasant. You have the more idea that you live in their house then in hostel. Moreover it is also once more very cheap, something what we can use in this expensive belize, however.

What’s next
We go still what tours by belize, still what jungle, still what bounty islands, and around 19/11 we want sit in Dangriga, because then it is Garufuna (the Creoleren) holiday. Therefore to the next time.

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