Again a couple of weeks in San Pedro

While we write this, we´re already back in in San Pedro la Laguna for a couple of weeks. To pick up our stuf, do some more classes, and enjoy some more of this lovely village. The climate, the people and the costs here are all worth coming back for!

Bas got her previous teacher, Dolores, again. On special request!The village did change in the last 3 months. New houses arose, restaurants opened, others shut down. And the weather has changed too! Not as cold, bit more cloudy and some rain in the afternoon often. But… still very nice! Bas wanted her lessons with her previous teacher Dolores. I wanted Kay´s old teacher Pedro. So we did some more weeks of Spanish, Bas 3 weeks, I did 2 weeks.

A lot of work to put 150Q on a parcel with stamps of 0.1Q!Een parcel for Rineke
We bought some stuff for the birthday of my sister, Rineke. It costed 150 Quetzal to send it. Al lot, but the more because the postoffice only had stamps of 2Q, 1Q, 0,4Q and 0,10Q. What a joke, the guy´s been busy for half an hour. But it was al worth it,the parcel arrived exactly on her birthday!

Also souvenirs for ourselves
Our souvenirsThis time we also bought some things for ourselfs. We can´t leave Guatemala after almost half a year without any rememberance. Together with 2 girls from the hostel (Alex and Debr) we visitied Chichicastenango again. I bought two masks there. Bas bought a typical San Pedro shawl Sending it will cost more then buying the things, but we can live with that for once. See al the pictures in the album of the  Return to San Pedro album.

Our painting ´vista de pajaro´And also an painting
From the brother of my teacher, Lorenzo, we bought a painting, on special delivery. Lorenzo made a Vista de Pajero, exactly the way we wanted it. We followed the whol proces an took every day a picture. You can follow it too in the Lorenzo Cruz album.

Websites for Lorenzo and the Maya Museum
We decided to help some people over here with their computer-needs. We restored Samuel (school owner) hist laptop, and could use it for a week. We made 2 websites, one for Lorenzo, and one for a museum. The one for the painter is online now! So please see for the beautifull stuff he makes. The museum-site is wainting for translation, so you have to wait a while for that one.

The Making Tortillas is harder then making websites!Cruz Family
Because we visisted our painting every day, we also got to know the Cruz family better. A very nice experience for both sides. Bas learned how to make tortillas (NOT!). And next friday we are going to cook for them, nasi goreng probably.  All pictures of the family are in a separate album: Family Cruz album.

And that was that! We plan to leave San Pedro next monday, to go to Antigua. But…. you never know what happens!

See you!
Bas en Eelco