A new country: El Salvador

We’re in a new country, with internet connections not that good as in Guatemala. So after spending a lot of time in the internetcafe to get the pictures uploaded and the story written in dutch the spirit is gone to do it all in english too, sorry! So here are just some pictures and the links to the photoalbums:

Uitzicht over El Salvador, net voordat de wolken ons het zicht helemaal ontnemenHighest man and woman in El Salvador
We climed the El Pital, highest point in El Salvador, after visiting Metapan and Las Pilas. See pictures:  here



Muurschilderingen in de stijl van Fernando LlortNo art!
We also wanted a painting from El Salvador. Fernando Llort has inspired a whole village with his style. The paint it on everything except on canvas. So we have to do it with the photo’s we took.




Straatbeeld ChalatenangoChalatenango
Not a very special town, but during the war an important base for the army, which is visible through the military base in the middle of town.

See pictures here.

Een tatu, vluchtgrot in de bergen bij ArcatoaJezuits and Tatus in Arcatao
Arcatao is a village in the mountains. During the war terrible things happend here. We stayed at the Jesuit centre. They supported the people a lot during the war. See the photo’s of Arcatao.

We write this in Suchitoto, a nice village with big touristic oportunities. After this we’ll be heading for the capital, San Salvador. Hasta Luego!

Bas and Eelco