How to get into the San Pedro jail in La Paz

YES!!! It is still possible to get into the famous San Pedro jail in La Paz. Previously, you could get a tour, but that’s over now. Now you have to do a little more work, but it’s worth it. But… be quick, because rumors go that the government first wants to get rid of the foreigners in the jail and second, transfer the building into a hospital. And all what’s left then is the famous book  Marching Powder, to give you an idea how it’s like inside.

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1. Step one is to get a name from one or more prisoners in the “safe area” in the San Pedro jail. We contacted our Dutch ambassy, to find out that there were 2 dutch guys in jail. So contact your ambassy, or of another country. If you realy have no name, we might be able to give the names of the Dutch guys. They probably will be there for the next 2 and 6 months.

2. Then make an authorization request to visit that/these guys. Onze autorisatie voor het bezoeken van onze vriend in de San Pedro gevangenis5. Ok, if your lucky you got an authorization, like we got, like you can see here on the right. So go to the jail and enjoy! It would be nice if you could give us some feedback about how it was.

Good luck!

Bas and Eelco