Tomorrow without new load away from hot Santa Marta

Despite all attempts of Captain James, the agent and countless others it is unfortunately still didn’t manage to get the load tea to Santa Marta. It is somewhere around 800 km from here, in a jam trucks that can drive no further by the strikes. Wait any longer seems completely pointless, so we leave tomorrow morning for the trip to the Dominican Republic. That is for bass her last tour, from there split. What Bass they know is going to do yet, she Mumbles something from “books read”. I just sail further, for the two longest, and might also be heaviest pieces of the trip.

Photo ´ s

Some new pictures have been added to the following two existing albums. All Tres Hombres photos of e.g. maintenance in the first album. The pictures of our stay at Sander and Isabel stand in the second album.
Photo ´ s of sailing from Grenada to Santa Marta and the maintenance of the Tres Hombres
Photo ´ s of the stay in Santa Marta and Minca

Time for maintenance to the Tres Hombres

imageTo pass the time in the port well to spend is there pretty much worked on the ship. For each other not done per round turn. Who wants to work logs after the muster in the morning. Others can then spend a day (or two) wants to do anything else. A large part of the ship is the rust stripped and again highlighted. The work is not only on maintenance, there should also be carried out domestic tasks. So yesterday the bass and I have lunch, so that the Cook along with others in the morning the messages could do for the next trip.

Santa Marta still Broiling, but more fun than 10 years ago

imageTen years ago, bass and I also. When was the city even though the, often about 35 degrees. Then it was especially a welded grid worker without a lot of charm. However, that is now changing. All pieces are made hiking area, with nice bars, hostels and restaurants. But …. It stays hot!

Sauerkraut at Patrick and tasty domestic Cook for each other

imageIf we are not at work we roam through the city or we stay at Sander and his wife Isabelle and their son David. We were also invited by Patrick, the chef/owner of restaurant Babaganouche. He had one more serving of sauerkraut! With a few bottles of wine we had taken of La Palma we have a delicious sauerkraut dish eaten on the terrace of his house. Meanwhile, Sander for business left for Bogota, so we can exercise our Spanish weather. Today, Sunday, we have a lazy day. David has this morning waffles baked for us and tonight we’re going to cook for the family.

Tomorrow again

And tomorrow we say they so goodbye, on to the Dominican Republic. It is expected that the trip takes about seven days. So to just over a week!

Photo ´ s of sailing from Grenada to Santa Marta and maintenance on the Tres Hombres
Photo ´ s of the stay in Santa Marta and Minca