Our first Spanish lessons

Learning Spanish in San Pedro
Togehter with Kay we signed in for Spanish lessons at the school of Casa Rosario. The lessons are outside in a very nice garden, located on the lake-side, offering a beautifull look at the lake and vulcanoes. The hostel we stay in also belongs tot the school. Due to this, the hostel is full of posters with Spanish texts. So when you do your laundry, or when you´re cooking or sit on the toilet, you´ll always study Spanish!  “En Casa Rosario, no pienses tiempo. Cagas y estudias simultanemente“, or….

At Casa Rosario you don´t loose time, shitting and studying at the same time.

Lessons start at 8, and end at 12, after that we do our homework, just as we´re told! Most teachers are female and all 2 heads shorter than we are, just as the whole community here. See pictures of the village and the hostel and  learning Spanish. After 1,5 week of Spanish lessons we carefully dare to start little conversations with the locals, exciting!


Vulkaan San PedroVulcano San Pedro
In the weekend it´s time for some excercise. Together with Kay I climbed vulcano San Pedro. Bas could not be seperated from her books, so she didn´t go with us. That spared her a lot of sweat, because it was a very steep climb; an ascend of 1,5 kilometer over 4 kilometer distance. More than 4 hour climbing, because we also made a wrong turn. But it did deliver some very nice pictures!


Holy virgin maria celebrated with a lot of noice
At the 8th of december they celebrate the conceiving of Maria in San Pedro in an incredible way. From 8 till 12 there is a procession around the church. Normaly that´s just a walk of 5 minutes, now it takes them 4 hours! In front of the procession they throw enormous amounts of fireworks. We´ve never seen so much fireworks. Big piles of fireworks are ready to be fired. An incredible sound, neverending! Some of the fireworks ended up in the audiance. A very special and surrealistic evening. The pictures are just a vague impression of how it was.

We go on with our study…. now you go on with your job! Adios, y hasta luego!

Bas and Eelco