Ready with studying

A new year! So first: everybody a happy new year and make it a nice one! That´s what we do too;-)

Last schoolday!!
Today, 7th january 2005, we´re both ready with our Spanish course…. for this moment, because we plan to do more studying here after practicing our Spanish by traveling Guatemala. At the picture on the left you see our last schoolday. That´s how we walked to school for 5 weeks.

Pauze in de mooie tuin waar we les haddenWe do speak Spanish now, but far from perfect. But we do manage. So now it´s time to practice what we learned. We think we´re going to stay here for another week to explore the surroundings and celebrate Bas her birthday (the 11th of january, for those who don´t know that). She wants a typical dutch meal: kroketten. You can´t buy that here, so we have to make them ourself. We keep you informed about it!

We took some last pictures of the school, like the one on the right. All pictures can be found in the existing  album of learning spanish. The newest pictures are on page 1 on the bottom.

THe first teacher of Bas, Paulina, got a baby during christmas. We were invited tot eh babyparty of baby Jose.  Together with the other teachers of the school we visisted them. It looked like the whole town was invited. Everybody got food: a soup, rice with vegetables and a big piece of meat. I ate it with my knees next to my ears because the banks were very small.

Baby in babyhangmatThe baby lay in its own hammock. Very handy! The mother and the other family members wanted to be on the picture. So you can also have a look in the album of the baby party.

New years eveDansen op oudejaarsavond
We had high expectations of new years eve, considering the way they celebrated the 8th of december. We expected big bangs of fireworks. But nothing of that all. Aparently they celebrate new years even mostly indoors, because we were the only people dancing on the music of a 15-man big band. Lucky for us we find ourself very funny, so we did have a lot of fun! Have a look at the fotos.

Our plans
As said before, we first have a look around San PEdro, climb some vulcanoes, see some villages and celebrate Bas her birthday. After that we´ll travel through Guatemala for 1 or 2 months… or more. After that we´ll come back to San Pedro. Possibly we´ll take some more Spanish lessens. Becide that we can also leave some stuff behind, stuff we don´t need on our travel through Guatemala.

So, you´re updated, we are going to celebrate our holiday!
Bye, Eelco